Hoist Repair

Approved Equipment, Inc provides annual maintenance and periodic repairs on equipment
manufactured by Power Climber, Bee Access (PC1, PC3, and BISOMAC). You can expect an outstanding
service with our team of experienced factory trained engineers and technicians.
-Annual or periodic maintenance
-Certified mechanics trained by the manufacturer
-Quotes can be provided before repair if requested
-All repairs are documented and tracked in our system
-Power Climber, Bee Access (PC1, PC3, and BISOMAC)

 Suspended Scaffolding Safety Orientation

Our orientation covers the importance of fall arrest systems, topside rigging applications, wire
rope/hardware, power supply, the counterweight formula, specific hoist operating instructions and
important safety precautions while setting up or operating a swing stage.


From common scaffolding plans to custom designs, our scaffold experts provide tailored engineering
solutions to meet the specific requirements of your project or facility. We have numerous OSHA
“Qualified Person” scaffold experts with over 30 years of experience and access consultants on staff
who also provide on-site inspection & consultant services for all types of projects.
We combine our structural engineering expertise with our in-depth knowledge of the OSHA, SAIA, and
ALLIANCE standards to provide clients timely engineered designs that are safe, practical, and cost-
effective. From government building to high-rise buildings & industrial plants, our team handles the
most complex scaffold engineering and accessibility challenges imaginable.